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Veterinarian Recommendations


The TWISTEP® is a revolutionary new product designed for dog owners who value the long-term health of their pet. This product provides lower impact, lower stress access into and out of vehicles to young and adult dogs. The biggest advantage of TWISTEP® over ramps is the ease of use - just twist to use or to store out of the way in seconds. Veterinarians agree:



Mark Engen, DVM,Dipl. ACVS, Puget Sound Animal Hospital -

I have used TWISTEP® and found it very practical, convenient & easy to use. It is ideal for dogs recovery from surgery and dogs with arthritis or spinal problems. The TWISTEP® allows dogs easy & safe access in and out of vehicles and minimizes assistance by the owners. It is also recommended for use by normal dogs to help prevent injuries from jumping out of vehicles. I highly recommend it for dog owners.



Stuart Spencer, DVM -

In my 15 years as a companion animal veterinarian I've seen numerous large and mid-sized dogs for back sprains, arthritis and worst of all spinal damage from "slipped discs". All of these problems can be aggravated and occasionally even caused by simple everyday activities like jumping in and out of the backs of SUV's or trucks. It is for this reason I'm excited about the development of TWISTEP®, a large platform step attached to the hitch receiver of SUV's and trucks that allows owners to step their dogs into the back of their vehicle in a a controlled manner. 

By slowing dogs down and doing incremental steps into a vehicle, dogs won't be wrenching their backs, hips, elbows and knees by wildly jumping in and out of vehicles. TWISTEP® stores under the vehicle when not in use and is extremely easy to set up for use. TWISTEP® is intended to keep healthy active large dogs from injuring themselves but it also has the added benefit of decreasing the chance owners will hurt their own backs by lifting dogs in and out of their cars. 

In my opinion if all my clients with big dogs used this product I'd see less animals for flare-ups of their arthritis and certainly less dogs with acute slipped discs. This is a product I would use for my own yellow lab.


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