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Welcoming a New Dog Into Your Home

Welcoming a new dog into your new home can be an exciting time; however, you should be prepared for a period of adjustment. These tips can help to make the transition a bit more streamlined for both you and your pup.

Be Prepared

The first step in getting ready to welcome a new dog into your home is making sure you have all the supplies you need before you bring him or her home. This includes dog food, a water bowl, a dog bed, toys, a leash, and identification tags. You will also want to make sure you have any medications that your dog may need.

Make Sure Your Pets Are Healthy

You will want to ensure your new pet is current on their vaccinations before bringing them into your home.  Get an appointment scheduled with a veterinarian for a full check-up and schedule a spaying or neutering procedure, if needed.

Create House Rules

Deciding on a routine among the members of your household prior to bringing your dog home is an important part of making a smooth transition. It is essential to determine who will be responsible for walking and feeding your new pup. Other important items to consider are where your dog will sleep and if any areas of your home will be off-limits.

Plan the Arrival

If you can, take some time off when you bring your new dog home or plan their homecoming over the weekend. Being there when you first bring them home can help make for a smoother and more comfortable transition for everyone.

Create a House Training Plan

Your dog may or may not be house trained when you bring him home, even if he is an older dog. Determine what your routine will be and make sure you stay consistent.  Check out this article, if you are looking for tips on how to house train your puppy.

Make Space

Creating a special space just for your dog can help make their transition into your home easier. Get a special bed or crate and fill it with some toys. If you decide on a crate, you can put sheets or blankets over the side to make your dog feel more secure.

By following some of these tips, you can help make your new pup feel more like a part of the family and provide you with peace of mind as you welcome them into your home.

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