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Travel Essentials for Your Pet

Getting ready for a trip with your pet requires a lot of preparation. The following are some ways that you can be sure that you do not leave home without any of the essentials.

Firstly, you will need a way to keep your pet safe in the car. It is never a good idea to let your dog or cat jump around while you are driving. Safety options include a pet carrier or crate, pet partition, and a booster seat.

At the top of your list should be enough food, treats, and water for your pet while you are away. It is a good idea to keep your pet’s food and treats securely stored so they cannot get into them while you are driving. A collapsible water bowl, such as a PortaBottle, will make it much easier to keep your pet hydrated. Other needed items include your pet’s medications, vaccination records, and a first aid kit. This kit from ARCA, sold on Amazon, contains 100 items and has everything you could need to keep your pet safe during your travels. Supplies in the kit include the following:

· Sting relief pad

· Safety pins

· Antiseptic cleansing wipes

· Tick removal kit

· Various bandage sizes

· Emergency collar

· Scissors

· Emergency blanket

· Non-woven tape

It is also a good idea to have a photo of you and your pet in the event that you get separated.

When you are on the road, you will definitely want to pack waste bags and a pet odor eliminator such as Nature’s Miracle. A microfiber towel is a great item to bring, especially if you are going camping or to the beach as these towels will not only help get your pet dry but they reduce odors as well.

If traveling makes your pet anxious, talk to your vet to see if a full spectrum CBD oil would be a good fit for them. BarkBox offers a domestically produced, organically grown hemp oil suitable for treating anxiety, hip and joint pain, or just general aches and pains. You can administer the oil directly from the dropper or add it to your pet’s food or treats.

This may seem like a lot of supplies for your pet; however, it will ensure that you are prepared for any situation that may come your way. Having what you need in an emergency will help lessen the stress of traveling with your pet and make for a more enjoyable trip for the both of you.

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