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Top 7 Dog-Friendly Parks in Idaho

Idaho has many dog-friendly parks, with amenities ranging from beach access to areas for shy and smaller dogs and as well as areas for larger or energetic dogs. With so many options, we thought we’d share these 7 dog-friendly parks for you and your furry best friend to enjoy throughout the state.

Storey Bark Park - Image Source:

Storey Bark Park: Located in Meridian, this 2.25-acre dog park is a great place to visit with your pup. The park offers leashing and unleashing areas upon entering and exiting. Storey Bark offers many amenities for you and your pup, including shade shelters, a variety of ground surfaces, mutt mitt stations, bike racks, people and pup drinking fountains, and agility playthings. A unique feature of the park is dog-themed street signs.

Morris Hill Park - Image Source:

Morris Hill Park: Residents of Boise and the surrounding areas can enjoy Morris Hill Park, a 7.91-acre park with a 1-acre fenced-in area for small dogs. The dog park offers a separate area for smaller dogs. Your pup will enjoy running through the large, open space with mulch ground cover and playing with the agility toys and fire hydrants. The park’s amenities include a doggie drinking fountain that is operational from mid-April to mid-October, a gravel walking path, a picnic shelter donated by the Idaho Humane Society, an arboretum, and benches and tables located throughout the space. The park provides mutt-mitt dispensers for you to use.

Redwood Park - Image Source:

Redwood Park: Redwood Park is located within west Boise and offers you the opportunity to have your pup off-leash in the designated area from sunrise to 10:00 AM and from 4:00 PM to sunset. The park is 7 acres and offers amenities such as picnic areas, a fishing pond stocked by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, a playground, open green spaces, and a walking path.

Payette Lake - Image Source:

Payette Lake: Located in McCall, Payette Lake is 5,330 acres and surrounded by the Payette National Forest. It is a great location if your pup loves the beach, as all of the beaches allow on-leash dogs. There are even a few that allow pups to run on the beach and splash in the water without a leash. Payette Lake also offers a multitude of trails you can hike with your pup. You can also enjoy activities such as camping, fishing, or boating, with boat rentals available within the park. Upon leaving, you can end the day with dinner at a pup-friendly restaurant such as Bistro 45 or My Father’s Place.

Idaho Falls Dog Park: The Idaho Falls Dog Park will be a nice adventure for you and your pup. The park offers separate spaces for large and small dogs. Your pup can enjoy playing in kiddie pools and running through the large, grassy space. Other amenities within the park include picnic tables and water supply. Bags are provided for you to clean up after your pup.

Katie's Dog Park - Image Source:

Katie's Dog Park: Located in Pocatello by the city’s animal shelter, Katie’s Dog Park is a half-acre long. The park is divided into an area for smaller pups and ones that play calmly and another one for larger pups and more energetic ones. The park also boasts a shade pergola, two water supplies, and benches you can relax on while your pup roams free and makes new friends.

Castle Hills Park - Image Source:

Castle Hills Park: If you are a resident of Boise or the surrounding areas, check out Castle Hills Park. A total of 7.2 acres, the park has 2.2 acres your pup can roam free during the designated time frames. Your pup can roam free from sunrise until 10:00 AM and from 4:00 PM to sunset. You will need to use a leash if you visit outside of the designated time frames. Castle Hills Park offers tennis courts, a basketball court, open green spaces, and practice fields for you to enjoy.

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