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How to Take Your Dog Camping

Are you interested in taking your dog camping but overwhelmed on how to do it? It can be difficult to pick the best place to camp with your dog and all the supplies you will need to take. This post will cover the best ways to prepare for an adventure in the great outdoors with your dog.

One of the most important things when it comes to camping with your dog is selecting a place to go. Research campgrounds in the destination of your choice and see what their policies are for pets. Some items to consider when selecting your campground:

· Do they require dogs to be on a leash?

· If you will be staying in a cabin, do they have a fee for pets?

· Are there attractions like hiking trails or a lake?

Sites like BringFido provide listings of pet-friendly campgrounds around the world. GlampingHub is a good choice if you do not like tent camping. You can filter your search for pet-friendly accommodations on the site.

After selecting your campground, you will want to prepare a list of all the items you will need for your dog. Make sure to pack plenty of water, food, and any medications for your dog. If you will be backpacking on your trip, it is always a good idea to pack enough food for an extra day in case you get stranded. Another good item to bring with you is a portable water bottle, whether you are hiking or just camping with your dog. Our portable bottle has a durable carrying strap and features a built-in, flip-down bowl for easy slurping. Something else to consider: WaterBoy by PortablePET. Keep the spilling and splashing to a minimum with this innovative travel water container. The unique dish sits in the reservoir, allowing liquid to fill it just enough for your dog to easily drink without being able to flip the dish, spill or splash.

Take your dog’s bed or blanket and favorite toys to keep them company on the trip. If your dog is crate-trained, our new Soft Sided Dog Crate is a great place for dogs to sleep and rest – while feeling secure. It’s lightweight and easy to fold up and store, when not in use.

You will most likely not be giving your dog a bath while camping, but it is still a good idea to pack a brush or a comb for the trip. Your dog may get burrs or other items stuck in their fur, especially if you will be hiking. You may want to consider bringing dog booties for the tip to help protect their paws from the hot ground.

Another important item to pack is a first aid kit for your dog, especially if you will be camping in a remote area. Your first aid kit should have items such as tweezers, tick remover, liquid bandages, a cleaning agent for wounds, wax paw protector, antihistamines, saline solution, and materials that can be used as a splint if needed. Even if your campground does not require dogs to be leashed, a leash is also an important item to bring on your camping trip. You may need it if your campsite is close to other campers.

Preparing to camp with your dog also includes taking precautions to keep your pet healthy and safe. If not already, you should give your dog a parasite preventative to protect against ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. Another important step is to make sure your dog has identification on, whether it is a collar or a microchip. Other safety tips you can try include working on techniques so your dog will not run off and having a carrier or other portable set up available when you are occupied with a task.

If your dog has not been camping before, it is a great idea to get them used to the tent before embarking on your trip. Set up your tent at home if you can and place their food and water in there. You can also bring toys inside the tent to play with them or just rest.

While you are camping, remember to keep both you and your dog hydrated throughout the day. At night, do not forget to secure your dog’s food along with your own. Make sure all food is stored in dry bags or bear canisters to avoid attracting the local wildlife to your campsite. You will also want to check both you and your dog for ticks before going to bed at night. Finally, you will want to make sure your dog is not wet or muddy before entering your tent. Bring along a microfiber towel so you can pat them dry before turning in for the night.

Preparing all the right supplies for your camping trip with your dog can help ensure you have a great adventure.

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