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Tips for Safe Car Travel with Your Dog

A road trip with your does not have to be stressful if you have the right supplies and preparation. Learn how you can make your trip as stress-free as possible with these tips for traveling with your pup.

An important step before leaving is to get your pup accustomed to riding in the car, especially if they are anxious. Start off with short car rides and increase the length each time. You will need to secure your pup any time they are riding in the car with you. There are several options to choose from, including harnesses, booster seats, vehicle partitions, and crates.

This vehicle partition is a great way to keep your pup safe in the backseat of your vehicle while traveling. The easy-to-assemble partition features an open design, allowing you to still utilize your back window view while driving. It can be used in most SUV or minivan designs and has an adjustable height of 27” to 45” and an adjustable width from 34” to 60”. The partition works well with medium and large-sized dogs.

A soft-side portable dog crate is another great way to keep your furry friend safe during car trips. Featuring handles for carrying and a built-in treat pouch, your dog will ride comfortably in this crate. Once you reach your destination, the crate folds up for easy storage.

Before hitting the road, you should prepare all the supplies your pup will need. Supplies should include food, treats, and plenty of water. A travel water bottle or dish is great for long car trips. Other supplies you will want to take are toys, a grooming kit, and a first aid kit that includes your pup’s current medical records and any medications they take.

While you are on the road, it is especially important to never leave your pup unattended in a parked car. Your vehicle quickly heats up in the summer months, even with the windows rolled down. The cold winter months bring the risk of frostbite or even death if your pup is left alone too long.

Plan frequent stops along your route so your pup can get some exercise and relieve him/herself. You should never feed your dog during the drive, as they could choke in the moving vehicle. Instead, feed your pup at least three hours before you hit the road.

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