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5 Pet Traveling Tips You’ve Never Thought Of

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

From packing enough supplies to determining the best mode of transportation, preparing to travel with your pet can be stressful. Make sure you are prepared for any adventure with these five traveling tips you may not have thought of.

You always prepare for a trip by packing your pet’s food, favorite toys, bed, grooming supplies, and other necessities. Some pet owners may not think to pack a first aid kit for their pet. Items you will want to pack should include their current medical records from your vet, bandages, and gauze. It is important to note that some states require proof of a current rabies vaccination at interstate crossings. It is also a good idea to determine where the emergency care facilities are at your destination. You can visit the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society’s website to find the closest animal hospital to you once you reach your destination

The Humane Society of the United States provides practical tips for pet owners, such as ensuring you give your pet plenty of rest stops if you are traveling by car and keeping your pet hydrated. However, if you are considering traveling by air, here are some things you may not have thought about:

· Animals such as Persian cats, bulldogs, and pugs could be at risk for heat stroke and oxygen deprivation due to their short nasal passages.

· Be sure to check with your airline of choice if your pet can travel in the cabin with you. If you have a smaller dog or cat, they may be able to travel with you in the cabin for a fee.

Other ways to make traveling by plane easier include the ability to go through TSA PreCheck with your pet and trying to make sure your pet can run or walk around before getting on the flight.

If you will be traveling by car, you will probably consider the best place to put your pet. You may like to travel with your pet in the front seat or in a pet carrier. Our Soft Sided Dog Crate is a great solution for crate-trained dogs. Another option is a car seat or booster seat to help make long trips in the car more comfortable for your dog. These seats come equipped with harnesses or other features so your dog will be safe during the ride. A booster seat could be ideal for smaller dogs so they can see out the window and enjoy the view during your travels.

Even the calmest of pets can have some anxiety when it comes to traveling. Consider trying CBD oil to help ease your pet’s anxiety before you hit the road. American Veterinarian has a breakdown of the best CBD oils for pets, with 4 Corners Cannabis in Colorado ranked the best by RAVE Reviews. 4 Corners Cannabis ranked so highly because they grow their hemp in-house, giving them control over everything from the growing process to the sale. You can choose from treats, tinctures, and balms when selecting the best CBD treatment for your pet.

A final tip for traveling with your pet is to actually rehearse with them prior to your trip, especially if this will be their first long car ride or airplane ride. If you will be traveling by car, place your pet in the car how they will be traveling, whether it is in the front seat, a carrier, or a car/booster seat. Start off with a short car ride and lengthen your trip each time you go out. While it is more difficult to rehearse for air travel, it is not impossible. Visit your airport and walk your pet around in the areas not restricted by security. This will help familiarize your pet with the airport environment, including the smells and noises.

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