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Pet Partition

MSRP: $69.95

ITEM # 3048

Space barrier that safely keeps pets in a separate area of your vehicle while you drive

Width adjusts from 34" to 60", and height adjusts from 27" to 45"

Allows for a clear view through rear view mirrors

Suitable for medium to large size dogs

Pet Partition
Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vehicles will the Pet Partition work with?

  • The Pet Partition is ideal for Crossovers, SUV’s, Mini-Vans and Station Wagons.


What are the dimensions?

  • The Pet Partition can adjust to accommodate most vehicles:

    • From 34” to 60” in width

    • From 27” to 45” in height

  • The space between vertical poles can also be adjusted:

    • From 2” apart to 28” apart

  • It is best to measure your vehicle in the location you plan on using the Pet Partition  


What size dogs should we use this for?


  • The Pet Partition is suitable for Medium to Large sized dogs.


The Pet Partition seems loose, can I tighten I tighten it more?

  • Yes.  To fully secure the Pet Partition, hold the lower volcano shaped foot with one hand and turn the LOWER adjustment COUNTER-CLOCKWISE with the other hand.

    • This will extend the lower bolt inside the tube and fully secure the Pet Partition.

    • Do this to both lower adjustments for a tight fit.

The Heininger PortablePET Pet Partition is the safe way for pet owners to share drive time with their furry friends without compromising their attention to the road around them. With it pets are safely, yet comfortably confined to a spot in the back seat of your vehicle.


Easy to install and adjustable from 34" to 60" in width and 27" to 45" in height, the PortablePET Pet Partition is nearly universal in application making it perfect for virtually any SUV, minivan or station wagon. More features include: easy installation, compatibility with medium to large sized dogs, also functions as a partition for hauling luggage.

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