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MSRP: $149.95

ITEM # 3096

  • Weather resistant breathable fabric keeps pet cool in summer & warm in winter
  • Lightweight, portable and convenient to use
  • Synthetic mesh floor prevents fleas from breeding
  • Includes mat and storage bag
  • HoundHouse for Large Breeds: (Dog Weight: 75-100 lbs./34-45kg): Boxer, Doberman, Golden Retriever, Kelpie, Labrador Retriever, etc,

The HoundHouse Elevated Kennel by PortablePET provides the comfort, safety, and security your dog needs. The HoundHouse is simple to setup and easy to transport. Remove only one frame and the HoundHouse is ready to be packed up and stored in its convenient travel bag (included).


The HoundHouse makes a perfect travel dog house for your favorite pooch. The frame of the HoundHouse has powder coated steel frames to withstand the elements. The kennel hood and mat are made of high quality treated oxford fabric which makes it weather resistant. The comfortable floor mat is made from synthetic mesh which allows for proper ventilation and prevents fleas from breeding. The mat supplied is scratch resistant and can be tethered directly to the kennel. HoundHouse easily washes with soap and water.


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HoundHouse by PortablePET
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